Welcome Chicken + Donuts (WCD) is brought to you by Welcome Hospitality and the same fam that runs Welcome Diner (Garfield/Phoenix, Broadway/Tucson).


WCD does two things: Korean Fried Chicken and donuts. Throw in some sides and that’s about it. We try to keep it simple. The chicken and donut combo isn’t something we created. It showed up in some Korean donut shops in California, then was made foodie famous several years ago by Federal Donuts in Philadelphia. Since then folks from around the country have imbibed the combo and run with it. We use the best free range chicken available and curate our donuts to be the perfect mix of old school donut shop vibe and fancy/seasonal exploration.


We scratch cook with the finest ingredients – made with integrity by our purveyor partners. We prize providing our guests with genuine hospitality. We strive to create a better experience for our guests every day.


The space itself is an old fried chicken fast food spot from the 70’s.  We tried to keep it as is, only adding some bumping speakers and a bumping outdoor patio garden space.  The building sits within the up and coming Golden Gate Barrio hood, and within the 20 acre Yourland project.  Yourland has the mission to rejuvenate and rediscover what the area between Sky Harbor and Downtown proper was, is and can be.  Martha + Mary Studio, lead the renovation in collaboration with architect Kaiserworks and artists Jon Haddock, Yai Vila and Mikey Robinson.


…If you ever see 20 people in the kitchen cooking up a storm, now you’ll know why: within the building’s four walls, WCD houses Welcome Commissary for an expanded bake program and catering offering for Welcome Diner and WCD.  The bake program produces donuts, pies and more for the Garfield/Phoenix Diner, farmers markets, select schools and any time occasion we can cater for your special occasion.   


We look forward to serving you!